The Nespresso compatible capsules sold at cofico shop for the UK market are produced by Ethical Coffee Company. These capsules are the only 100% biodegradable capsules in the market, and certainly unique in the UK. The main elements that make our capsules special and different to our competitors are the seal of the capsule, the quality of the coffee and the biosourced materials on top of the biodegradability of the capsule.

The coffee found in Ethical Coffee capsules comes from ethically sourced producers with small crops, the coffee is then roasted in the traditional way in small batches in order to maintain the best quality possible. The range of coffees is very diverse, suitable for all tastes, from ristretto to decafeinatto, to specialty coffee sourced from Indonesia and Yemen, browse our coffee range to find the one that fits you best.

You’ll find in our store a wide selection of coffees all from premium quality blends and all in industrially compostable biodegradable pods. Our coffee capsules are made from state of the art bio-technology which allows the waste of your everyday dose to be compostable in industrial compost and leave no footprints. Primarily made from 100% bio-sourced plant-based fibers, the Ethical Coffee capsule degrades itself within 6 months after use in an industrial compost (EN13432 Standard).
After use, simply throw the biodegradable capsule out with your household rubbish.

One of the most important characteristics of the Ethical Coffee Nespresso® compatible capsules besides its biodegradability is the element of being airtight. This element not only extends the shelf life of the capsule but it also preserves the freshness of the coffee. The capsule has a characteristics “Pop”, unique to the Ethical Coffee compatible capsule for Nespresso® machines, this “Pop”  is generated when the capsule reaches a certain pressure, extracting the coffee in a “Barista style”process that delivers the best espressos a single serving machine can make.

Unlike other compatible capsules, with our products you would be able to maintain your coffee habit without polluting the earth. At Cofico we bring coffee from the earth to your heart and back without footprints.