Which machines are compatible with your capsules?

Our capsules are compatible with all Nespresso® machines*.

*Excluding professional machines, Gaggia, Saeco or Siemens machines, built-in models (Miele), Romeo Nespresso machine and capsule-holder machines.


Will the biodegradable capsules melt in my Nespresso machine?

No, this cannot happen. Our capsules are made from a bio-plastic based on plant fibers, this material is susceptible to deformation by heat, however it will never melt to your machine or stick to it.


Will my Nespresso machine warranty be lost if I use compatible capsules?

No, this is a rumor spread by Nespresso®in order to maintiain their market position. Nespresso is obliged to honour your warranty regardless of the brand of capsule used as long as it is a Nespresso compatible capsule. We guarantee that our capsules are completely compatible and stand by this as we will replace any machine free of charge should damage be proved due to the use of our capsules in a normal conditions.

Where are the capsules manufactured?

Ethical Coffee capsules are manufactured and packaged in France. However the coffee comes from specialty coffee producers from around the world.


These capsules look different compared to Nespresso. Can I still use them?

Yes, the capsules are compatible for use in Nespresso machines. There are minimal differences as our capsules are a different product and uses a different technology for the extraction, however the main stributes needed for the compatibility are there.

How should I prepare my espresso?

Whatever your model, you are advised to warm your cup before pouring your espresso. Some machines have a cup warmer, but most do not. To warm the cup, fill it with hot water from the machine before you make your coffee. Your machine will now be ready to make an excellent espresso at the perfect temperature.

Enjoy your coffee!

What water should be used?

Water quality is vital for making a good espresso. Neutral water should be preferred. As part of its sustainable development policy, the Ethical Coffee Company recommends using tap water or filtered water. However, your machine may require more frequent servicing if your region has particularly hard water. You are also advised to change the water in your machine’s water tank regularly.

It feels like my machine is difficult to close. Is that normal?

Yes, the bio-plastic capsules are made from a material that is more resistant to friccion than aluminium or plastic, hence the diference in resistance when closing the lever. Just apply a little more strenght but be gentle.

When capsules are cold, plant-based materials respond to strain in a completely different way to conventional materials. One must just remember that these are a different product and will be slightly different in use and feel.

I can hear a strange sound when the water starts to flow. Is that normal?

when you place different capsules in your machine the noise will be different. our Ethical Coffee capsules extract the coffee with a presurized technology, you will then hear a “Pop” everytime you place a new capsule, this noise is not only normal it means you are extracting your coffee through pressure and therefore getting the best possible espresso a Nespresso® machine can give.

My coffee drips out at the end of extraction. Is that normal?

Yes, that is completely normal. Because of the finely-ground coffee used, a proper espresso should finish “drop by drop” – this is a sign of quality and good extraction. Stop the coffee flowing when it reaches the two-thirds level in a conventional espresso cup.

My capsule has got stuck in the machine. What should I do?

If your capsule gets stuck, which is extremely rare but can happen, if this happens to you just run some hot water with the lever open and the capsule should be thrown automatically, you can help a bit with the back of a spoon using it as a plank to help the capsule out. Again this is not common but since the material can deform with temperature if the capsule is not ejected after use this can happen.

How to dispose the capsules?

You can dispose of used capsules in your household rubbish or organic waste bins the capsules decompose themselves in the industrial compost that processes your household waste.

What does biodegradable mean?

It means it has properties of biodegradation, you can find more information here.

What is the shelf life of capsules?

To ensure a perfectly preserved intensity and aroma, you are advised to use the capsules within three months of opening the protective film. If the film is not opened, the capsules can be kept until the best-before date shown on the packaging – 12 months after manufacture.

How do I make a long coffee?

To perfectly preserve the intensity and aromas of espresso, you are advised to simply add hot water from your machine to an espresso to make a long coffee.

What is the right quantity for the perfect Italian espresso?

For an authentic espresso experience, you are advised to use a small cup. You can of course make a longer espresso if you prefer, but the balance of aromas and the intensity of the coffee will be affected. To fully benefit from the quality of our coffees, you are advised to prepare your espresso in a small Italian-style cup, filling it halfway or two-thirds as you prefer. An optimal outcome is achieved when the volume reaches approximately two thirds of a conventional espresso cup, after a 25- to 30-second extraction.

How do I make a double espresso?

If you want to make a double espresso, use two capsules one after the other to ensure the quality of your coffee. You are strongly advised not to use the same capsule twice to make a double espresso, because the flavour will be adversely affected.

My coffee takes a long time to pour. Is that normal?

Yes, that is completely normal. Unlike other espresso capsules, the Ethical Coffee Company capsule follows the principles of Italian espresso, which is extracted in 25 to 30 seconds. Slow extraction is a sign of quality.

For any other queries please contact cs@cofico.co.uk