Coffee Certifications

The world of coffee has grown in desmesurate proportions maintaining an unfair distribution of the profits generated by this business, resulting in poor management of resources, from labour, lands, and other resources, developing as a consequence an industry that can be extremely or no efficient at all.
In the modern Coffee industry, the plantations seek for coffee certifications which are internationally recognized in order to state the efficiency of their productions as well as give an aggregated value to their coffee in order to perceive fairer retribution for their efforts.
The Coffee certifications available nowadays go from the fair treatment of employees and harvesters like the Fair trade certificate, to the level of sustainability in the production methods of this farms, the grade of independence from chemicals and pesticides, to even the level of engagement of the coffee plantation in maintaining the natural habitat of birds and other Fauna.
This Coffee Certifications are unfortunately not always at hand of the producers and are not granted for efforts but for efforts joint by fees and in some cases big juicy fees. it is therefore a reality that not having a certificate do not necessarily mean that the product is not grown with in accordance to those rules and standards.
Cofico aims to work along small producers whose coffee produce is second to none, and produced in a symbiotic relationship with the environment without necessarily ticking all the bureaucratic boxes of a certified producer.
Never the less, this does not mean that we do not appreciate the importance of those Coffee certifications and we are committed to help those small producers to reach the financial objectives to get certified and get their product more widely recognized, helping with this the producers and their communities to earn a better life.


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