Coffee, café, kahve, kopi, kaffee, caffé, кофе, kape, kahawa, καφέ, káva, kahvi, koffie, koohii, kawa, regardless of the name used for this drink resulting from the brewing of roasted beans coming from the Coffea – arabica or canephonra (robusta) – this drink has been revitalizing humans for over 12 centuries. Since its discovery around the year 850 B.C. , these beans have been used for their  psychotropic and medicinal properties.

Although there are one hundred plus coffee species, the production of coffee for brewing, comes mainly from the Arabica and Robusta varieties accounting these for 75% and 20% of the world production respectively. Coffee Grows in what it is known as the coffee belt between 25º Latitude North and 30º Latitude south, near the tropics of cancer and Capricorn respectively at altitudes of between 800 and 1800 meters above see level. Coffee improves its qualities and flavor at higher altitudes.