Wiki:”Biodegradation: Is the chemical dissolution of materials by bacteria, fungi, or other biological means. Biodegradable matter is generally organic material that serves as a nutrient for microorganisms.  The word biodegradable is commonly associated with environmentally friendly products that are part of the earth’s innate cycle and capable of decomposing back into natural elements.

The Biodegradability of coffee capsules is relative to the amount of time it will take for them to decompose, the Nespresso® aluminium capsules can last more than 200 years, it is needless to say this type of consumption cannot be but irresponsible. However the practicality of the coffee capsules is undeniable and products that make our life easier should find their way into our society. With this predicament Ethical Coffee Company developed a compostable biodegradable capsule that will decompose in natural vegetal and mineral fibers in a period of 6 months. This is how long the foot print of this new capsules last.

Capsule Structure

The fundamentals in which Cofico is founded, are related to the sustainability and environmentally friendly usage of new technologies and modern commodities. The coffee capsules distributed by Cofico are manufactured by Ethical Coffee Company, a manufacturer of coffee capsules engaged in the manufacture
and distribution of capsules without footprints. This capsules respect the European norm EN13432 for biodegradable compostable materials. The structure of the Ethical coffee Company capsule made entirely from vegetable bio-sourced materials makes it entirely compostable and biodegradable in an industrial compost, a coffee capsule without footprints; the Nespresso® capsule not only used resources which resistant to erosion and biodegration, but by applying a synthetic coat to the aluminium it makes it hard to recycle, which then defeats the purpose of the reuse of capsules, in the sense of a classic recycling. needing to spend more energy to open clean and separate the parts of the capsules before being ready to be recycled.