The Nespresso® capsule system

Despite the common belief that Nespresso® is the only company able to produce the cute little coffee pods that fit the Nespresso® system, the fact is that although this used to be true, it is not the case anymore, a company with a strong belief in bringing a better solution to the growing market of Nespresso® capsules fought a long and difficult battle against this Giant subsidiary of Nestle. The name of this modern mythical hero is Ethical Coffee Company, a small company who fought for a couple of years the right to bring a better product to the millions already enchanted by the practicality of the Nespresso® coffee system.

After losing this legal battle for the monopoly of the capsules, Nespresso® had no choice but to keep the battle with a campaign of discredit towards the competition, refusing to honor warranties of machines if compatible capsules where used and changing elements of the machine for the competitors capsules. Nowadays, Nespresso® has been stopped by the French competition authority, forcing them to respect the compatible capsules and honor warranties of equipment being used for compatible capsules.

The competition towards the best encapsulated coffee has therefore began, and since the consumers can now be reassured that using compatible capsules will keep the warranty of their machine, we can say that the Ethical Coffee Company‘s victory over Nespresso® is a victory for all consumers. This jurisprudence market a starting point in the freedom of coffee consumers from the Nespresso® system to be free of choosing which coffee to drink whilst taking advantage of the great tool that this system had proven to be.

Nowadays a series of Nespresso® compatible capsules exist in the market, most of them made out of plastics, and some partially biodegradable, but only one being 100% biodegredable, it is the product developed by Ethical Coffee Company.

As you can now appreciate, the usage of Nespresso® compatible capsules is entirely safe and in some cases more beneficial in many ways than the usage of the original Nespresso® capsules. Furthermore the benefits of these compatible capsules not only stops in the benefits brought to the environment or your pocket, being these cheaper than the Nespresso® brand capsules, but also it is about the coffee, the fundamental reason of existence of these capsules. The Nespresso® compatibles bring a variety of coffee qualities coming from all around the world, bringing a top quality coffee offer to the market of Nespresso® compatible capsules.

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