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Welcome to Cofico.co.uk, here you’ll find the only 100% Biodegradable Nespresso compatible capsules in the UK!

COFICO specializes in the distribution of compostable biodegradable Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules filled with premium quality coffees form the Americas, Africa, and south east Asia.

Partenering with Ethical Coffee Company, COFICO aims to redefine the concept of single serving coffee in Nespresso® systems by allowing the consumers to choose a premium quality product without damaging the nature with the waste associated to this system.

Ethical Coffee is a brand developed by former CEO of Nespresso, Mr Jean-Paul Gaillard who after years of developing the Nespresso brand he thought there had to be a more sustainable business model and created Ethical Coffee.

The Ethical Coffee capsules are all about great coffee (specialty coffee grade, grown in short bushes). The type of extraction is unique to the technology used in the capsule with their characteristic “POP” the capsule is induced into higher pressure than usual, this makes a Barista type of extraction delivering the best espresso a Nespresso machine can achieve; the ecofriendly aspect is just a bonus, but a very important one and you can read more about it here.

COFICO is a London born alliance of two latin American entrepreneurs with an enormous appreciation of great coffee, and a shared vision for a sustainable consumption of coffee, and respect for nature; these are the main values of COFICO.

COFICO’s core partners come from two countries, both highly concerned and educated in the world of coffee, Mexico and Colombia. Having ties with the coffee industry in the most renowned territories for coffee growth in these countries, COFICO‘s partners produce the highest quality of coffee from single origin. The coffee also has a series of certifications related to sustainability, ensuring the product is part of the solution in consumption patterns of our modern era.

In Spanish Language, Finca is a word used to refer to a piece of land in a rural area where some kind of produce is grown. Mostly, Finca is a word used for the coffee plantations, it denotes a place where, in many cases, the coffee is produced from the growing to the roasting.

This website whose home page is entitled la Finca Cofico,  represents an electronic piece of rural land where great coffee product is designed produced and distributed to the British and European markets.

In this site you’ll find information on our partners, suppliers, type of coffee distributed, products, and the web shop or e-store where you can buy our products and be part of this conscious movement of coffee consumption.


 “from nature to your heart and back”