Ethical Coffee Company puts the heart and soul back into coffee by reinventing its very essence

Ethical Coffee Company (ECC) is a Swiss company, founded in April 2008 by its Chairman, Jean-Paul Gaillard, the ex-CEO of Nespresso®*. The company is registered under the Companies Register of the Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland.

Ethical Coffee Company is backed by high-level international private and institutional investors including: 21 Centrale Partners, the Benetton family holding company, Société Financière Saint-Honoré, Unigrains, Arthur World Finance (AWF) and one of the biggest Swedish investment funds.

Ethical Coffee Company’s headquarters is located in Fribourg in Switzerland. The Nespresso® compatible capsules are manufactured in Ville–La-Grand (74) in France.

The idea behind Ethical Coffee Company is to offer consumers one of the finest espressos in capsule form while adopting an environmentally-friendly approach.
Ethical Coffee Company has therefore achieved what was previously considered impossible: enabling the widest possible consumer base to savour an authentically Italian espresso in the comfort of home by introducing a new generation of fully-biodegradable Nespresso® compatible capsules or pods at competitive prices.

The technology behing the Nespresso® compatible capsules from Ethical Coffee has no pair in the market, the extraction and coffee quality, considered specialty coffee, is nowadays the best you can find.